Schüler Helfen Leben strengthens young people as experts in their own field. We as young people shape, decide and take responsibility in solidarity. Our activities overcome borders and boundaries. Education is the main focus of our programs. Action formats such as our Solidarity Action Day mobilize pupils and secure our financial basis. This is how we support projects in their local commitment and develop future-oriented, long-term partnerships.

We involve people of different ages to social and political issues in the context of our work. Commitment and volunteer services with Schüler Helfen Leben enable intensive learning experiences, personal exchange and networking. Through partnerships with civil society, politics, business, media and especially schools, we create an environment that welcomes youth involvement. We are a learning and continuously developing organization.

SHL funded MICC WeB during 2013 – 2015.

Kingdom of the Netherlands - Matra Programme

The Matra programme supports countries in Southeast and Eastern Europe in the transition to a pluralist and democratic society, governed by the rule of law.

Matra supports activities that encourage the process of change and strengthen relations between the Netherlands and Matra countries. The programme works with civil society and central and local authorities alike. Most projects take the form of twinning, i.e. partnership between a Dutch and a local organisation.

The general objective of the Matra programme is to contribute to the development of a plural democracy, grounded in the rule of law, with room for dialogue between government and civil society; to build capacity and strengthen the institutions of civil society and government; and to strengthen bilateral relations.

Matra funded MICC WeB during 2020 – 2021.

EVZ Foundation

The Foundation EVZ aims to anchor the history of forced labour under National Socialism in the German and European culture of remembrance. The victims are given a voice and their experiences of National Socialism are preserved for future generations. The Foundation is also helping develop a culture of remembrance for the German migration society. It is channelling the lessons learned from experiences of violence in the 20th century into the international debate. The Foundation is also raising awareness of the Jewish contribution to German and European history.

With the local history funding program, the EVZ Foundation supports local and regional history initiatives from Central and Eastern Europe in implementing projects to reappraise and remember the era of National Socialism and the Second World War. The funded projects thematically examine places, people, and events from National Socialist history.

EVZ funded MICC WeB during 2016 – 2018.


USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance.
U.S. foreign assistance has always had the twofold purpose of furthering America’s interests while improving lives in the developing world. USAID carries out U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress at the same time it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners for the United States, and fosters good will abroad.

USAID works in over 100 countries to:

– Promote Global Health
– Support Global Stability
– Provide Humanitarian Assistance
– Catalyze Innovation and Partnership
– Empower Women and Girls

In 2019 four MICC WeB sessions were funded by USAID within the project “Budi Inspiracija” implementented by NDI in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

It supports priorities and activities set out in the European Education Area, Digital Education Action Plan and the European Skills Agenda. The programme also:
– supports the European Pillar of Social Rights

– implements the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027
– develops the European dimension in sport

MICC WeB partner organisations often collaborate with the Kreisau Intiative and send participants to MICC in Poland with the help of funding from Erasmus+.